Draining Double Dermo-Sculpting Draining Double Dermo-Sculpting

Technispa® Light Legs Treatment

A comfortable and aesthetic treatment method that slims down legs and rapidly eliminates sensations of heaviness.

At the end of the treatment, legs feel light and comfortable. They are increasingly beautiful, refined and slimmer.
Average loss around the knee: 1.2 cm*
* After 6 treatments out of 5 persons

Draining Effect
Thanks to the dual action subdermal “rolling-massage” movements, skin tissue is drained and microcirculation is boosted. At the end of the treatment, legs feel light and energised.

Dual Ionisation
Dual Ionisation optimises the penetration, effectiveness and diffusion of the phlebotonic and decongestioning active ingredients.

Types de peau :

All types, Normal skin

Durée :

30 minutes

Type de soin :

Salon Body Care Treatments

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